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Construction of Two ADUs in Long Beach, CA

1. Project Description

The Construction of Two ADUs in Long Beach is a comprehensive initiative aimed at adding valuable and versatile living spaces to a property. Located in Long Beach, California, this project involves the design and construction of two Accessory Dwelling Units to meet the increasing demand for flexible housing solutions.

2. Project Objectives

  • Create two separate, fully functional ADUs on the property.
  • Optimize design for efficient use of space and modern living.
  • Adhere to local ADU regulations and building codes.
  • Enhance property value and utility.
  • Implement sustainable and energy-efficient features where applicable.

3. Location

Long Beach, a diverse and vibrant city in Southern California known for its coastal charm.

4. Scope of Work

  • Site assessment and planning for ADU placement.
  • Design and architecture for two distinct ADUs.
  • Construction of foundation, framing, and infrastructure.
  • Installation of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.
  • Integration of modern amenities and finishes.
  • Compliance with local ADU regulations and permits.

5. Timeline

The Construction of Two ADUs in Long Beach is scheduled to be completed in 8-15 months, allowing flexibility for adjustments based on project progress and any unforeseen circumstances.

6. Budget

The budget for the Construction of Two ADUs is estimated at 350k-475k, covering construction, materials, labor, design services, permits, landscaping, and contingencies.

7. Design Concept

The design concept focuses on creating two distinct ADUs that blend seamlessly with the existing property while offering modern aesthetics and functionality. Neutral color palettes, efficient layouts, and contemporary finishes will be incorporated to appeal to a variety of potential occupants.

8. Sustainability Features

  • Integration of energy-efficient appliances and fixtures.
  • Utilization of eco-friendly building materials where applicable.
  • Implementation of water-efficient landscaping.

9. Project Team

  • General Contractor: OC Construction & Consulting
  • Architect: CAP Architecture

10. Project Challenges

  • Coordination with the city planning department for ADU permitting.
  • Adaptation of design to maximize space on a constrained property.
  • Management of construction logistics to minimize disruption to existing structures.
  • Compliance with local zoning laws and building regulations.

11. Progress Monitoring

Regular updates will be provided to the client, including key milestones, budget considerations, and any adjustments to the project timeline.

12. Conclusion

The Construction of Two ADUs in Long Beach aims to provide additional housing options while contributing to the overall value and appeal of the property. Through thoughtful design, quality construction, and collaboration with a skilled project team, the project endeavors to deliver two distinct and functional ADUs that enhance the residential landscape of Long Beach, California.

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